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Ettore "Ted" DeGrazia was born in 1909 to poor Italian immigrants in a small mining town in southeast Arizona. But in later years, this well-connected native son would come to be known around the world for his distinctive paintings and philanthropy.

Ted moved from his birthplace home of Morenci and eventually settled in Tucson, where mounting success in his adulthood allowed him to purchase a property to build his home, workshops and a gallery.

Demion Clinco, the president of the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation, encourages people to visit DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun, where they can learn much more about this famous Arizonan's artwork and life.

"Three major themes emerged in DeGrazia's austere upbringing which would shape his creative vision: religion, music and most importantly his adoration of the desert," says Clinco. "These three themes persisted throughout his life emerging in his art and architecture."

The gallery is located at 6300 N. Swan Road in Tucson and is free and open to the public.