The Arizona Department of Transportation is launching a campaign to educate drivers about what to do during a dust storm.

“Pull Aside, Stay Alive” is a statewide television and radio campaign from ADOT in conjunction with the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, and the National Weather Service.

Dust storms are more likely to happen during the summer months, especially during the monsoon, says Timothy Tait, communications director at ADOT.

“We certainly can’t control the dust, but we can control driver behavior,” he says.

ADOT wants drivers to stay informed about weather conditions and if possible avoid traveling on the highway when a dust storm is on the horizon, he says.

“If you’re driving through dust, you’re driving through an area of low visibility, you certainly don’t want to become involved in a pileup, which is what we often see in areas like Interstate 10 from Phoenix to Tucson,” says Laura Douglas, an ADOT spokeswoman.

If possible, people should exit the freeway during a dust storm or pull over on the right, turn all lights off, set the emergency brake and wait out the storm, she says.