Jobs are being cut at the Bone Yard as part of a plan to downsize AMARC, the division of the U.S. Air Force that handles aerospace maintenance. According to the Arizona Daily Star, 62 civil-service employees accepted early retirement. The cuts come just two years after the division hired 245 people.

PHOTO: U.S. Air Force
The AMARC facility, or "Bone Yard" keeps a careful inventory of more than 4,000 aircraft stored on its 25-acres.

Military officials say the amount of work at The Boneyard fluctuates. They also say the cuts come as two maintenance contacts at the facility are ending.

AMARC, or the Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center, is one of Tucson's largest employers, with more than 850 full-time jobs. Workers at the facility are responsible for maintaining and retiring old aircraft and aerospace parts from all branches of the military. AMARC says some craft are stored at the Bone Yard before being rebuilt as instructional or museum pieces or practice range targets. Others get parted out and still others end up at a metal processor to be smelted down.

PHOTO: U.S. Air Force
De-commissioned military aircraft are stored at the AMARC "Bone Yard" before being rebuilt, parted out, or melted down.