Gov. Jan Brewer decried President Obama's announcement that he would cease to deport some undocumented immigrants "as political pandering" in a brief press conference Friday.

Brewer convened the press conference in the wake of the Obama administration's decision to no longer deport illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children, provided they meet certain criteria.

Brewer told reporters she felt she had to respond to the administration's "outrageous" announcement.

"The job of securing our border is not done," Brewer said, and the new policy represents "a dangerous distraction."

The Republican governor said she considers the new policy a "pre-emptive strike" aimed at the U.S. Supreme Court's upcoming ruling on SB 1070, the state's controversial immigration enforcement law. She said the change would make it more difficult for the state to implement SB 1070 if the Court upholds it, because people covered by the new federal policy would get new documentation.

Brewer also said the new policy will end up costing taxpayers more in health care and "processing" fees, but would not elaborate on that point.