Weather forecasters are calling for a hot, sunny week ahead, but that wasn’t the case Saturday. The official weather monitoring station at Tucson International Airport recorded 0.29 of an inch of rain.

Dust was a big problem in the Phoenix area, with some parts of the city only having less than 1/8 mile of visibility, which caused some minor accidents and briefly forced the closure of a stretch of highway just south of Phoenix.

Early predictions of the severity of any monsoon usually are a guessing game of sorts, but this year’s summer rainy season could be similar to last year’s.

“We had some rainfall in the latter part of June and we were pretty active with some severe weather and a lot of storms in the first half, or three weeks, of July.” says Ken Drozd, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Tucson. “It looks like we could have a similar type start this year.”

Last year, much of the precipitation ended in August, Drozd says.

The National Weather Service puts the official monsoon time frame in Arizona from June 15 through Sept. 30.