The National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade in Tucson is celebrating its 20th anniversary as an organization that supports micro-businesses and encourages investments by making sure companies have their rights protected.

"The center ... was a result of work that I had done as a U.S. representative to the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, at the time preceeding the enactment of NAFTA," says Boris Kozolochyk, the center's founder and executive director.

Because of legal disparities among countries, Kozolochyk and the center try to come up with trade laws that would allow all participants to buy, sell and trade under the same laws and regulations, eliminating difficulties among the three NAFTA countries.

The organization has since worked on issues regarding the economy, especially in Mexico, allowing it to create a credit system to further the economic development of the country.

"We like to think that what we are doing is really helping foster prosperity through law, by creating transparent institutions, fair rules that apply to everyone," says Barrett Avigdor, the center's deputy director. "That helps everyone, and we have better trading partners who are able to buy more of our goods and services."