Many of the fruits and vegetables consumed in Arizona are grown in and transported from Mexico.

The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas works with Mexico to provide Arizona with fresh produce, and has over 100 members.

"We represent U.S.-based companies that import produce from Mexico, and if I could sum it up in one sentence we try to help get the fresh produce across the border from Mexico quicker, more efficiently, with less red tape, and cheaper for our members," says Lance Jungmeyer, president of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas.

In addition to ensuring that produce makes its way across the border, the organization also aims to fight stereotypes associated with Mexico and Nogales.

"It definitely has a negative aura about it," says Matt Mandel, chairman-elect of the association. "Most people think of Nogales and think immigration, they think drug problems, and they completely forget that there's a wonderful, vibrant produce industry down there that's really bringing in quite a bit of economic impact to the state and the country as well.'