In confidential meetings held throughout the duration of World War II, Joseph Stalin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill sparred and negotiated for the political and economic interests of their nations — making deals that sometimes had less to do with right or wrong than the expediency of their individual wartime goals.


Prime Minister Winston Churchill (left), President Franklin D. Roosevelt (center) and Marshal Joseph Stalin (right) at the palace in Yalta, where the Big Three met.

WW II: Behind Closed Doors provides a new history of World War II -- one that is full of surprises, even for those who think they know the history. Drawing on material only available since the opening of archives in the East, the documentary re-examines the key decisions made by Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt during the war. The series is a mix of high politics -- including the inside story of the Allies' meetings at Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam -- and the dramatic personal experiences of those on the ground who bore the consequences of their decisions.