PHOTO: BIO5 Institute

As a leading research institute, the University of Arizona has made great contributions, particularly in science. One program that has taken a new approach to science is The BIO5 institute.

The "5" in BIO5 refers to their collaborative efforts in 5 areas: basic science, agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, and engineering. Researchers at various academic levels are working together in each of these areas at BIO5.

“Our main goal is to bring researchers from different fields...together to solve the main challenges we have in life sciences today.” says Dr. Fernando Martinez, Director of the BIO5 Institute.

The KEYS program, Keep Engaging Youth in Science, gives Arizona high school students the opportunity to work in the lab of a renowned science researcher.

Watch this UA+ video to see what KEYS participant, Caitlyn Myrdal has to say about her experience at BIO5 and the difference she is making in the world of science.

Producer: Alexandra Salazar | Videographer: J Blaine | Editor: Yashmine Anderson, Lauren Bays

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