Veterans who are trying to transition from the military to civilian life often find social and emotional challenges that can make their experiences more difficult, but various groups are trying to make a difference.

Ricardo Pereyda, an Army veteran and student at the University of Arizona, is president of the university's chapter of the Student Veterans of America, a non-profit organization that works in areas such as resources, advocacy and support.

Pereyda says one glaring problem is the high suicide rate among veterans. The numbers include young men and women who have served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.

Officials say an estimated 18 veterans are committing suicide each day in the United States and last year's number of more than 6,000 deaths exceeds the fatalities in Iraq or Afghanistan so far.

"People have been talking about it, but not enough. It's one thing to talk about, it's quite a different thing to implement policies to try to combat that," Pereyda says.

Pereyda works with other groups and agencies including the university's Veterans Education and Transition Services where Cody Nicholls is working. He served in the Army Reserves and is also reaching out to other veterans.

"Our primary purpose in the VETS center is to serve as one central hub for all of our veterans here on campus and in that we attempt to provide any information we need to to make their transition and their experience here at the University of Arizona successful," Nicholls says.

Both men say members in the general the community can assist in these efforts by trying to help veterans whenever possible.