Being more ecologically conscious and practicing conservation are things that many people say they would do if only they knew how, or if they could afford the cost of the initial investment to get started.

Tucson Water has begun a rebate program that could give back as much as $2,000 to residential customers who commit to harvesting rainwater.

Rainwater harvesting practices eligible for the rebate include, but are not limited to, passive earthwork features, improvements to gutters and downspouts and active rainwater tank storage consisting of below- or above-ground tanks.

Tucson Water will rebate qualifying residential rainwater harvesting system costs under two levels of funding, up to a maximum of $2,000. Applicants can decide which level to apply for based on the amount of rainwater they intend to capture and the type of practices they intend to use.

To qualify, participants must attend a free three-hour rainwater harvesting workshop. Due to the high level of interest in the program, all workshops planned for 2012 are full, but other options are currently being sought.

For more information about the program and rebate, call (520) 791-4331, or visit Tucson Water's online information page.