The Pima County Health Department director and the department's chief medical officer are both retiring this year, and they could be replaced by a single person.

Michelle McDonald, the chief medical officer, is retiring this month, and Sherry Daniels, the county's health department director, is planning to retire in the fall.

County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry is looking to hire one person to fill both roles, which he says is common in health departments. The decision obviously saves taxpayers money, he says, and it makes management sense.

“The financial decision is a secondary part of the decision," Huckelberry says. "It’s better to have a medical doctor or medical officer direct an organization that has public health as its primary function, and therefore they have to bring with them administrative and management skills.”

The ideal candidate, according to the job posting, will have to be a licensed medical doctor and have administrative experience, including budgeting for public health programs.

The Pima County Health Department includes programs in disease control, immunizations, the animal care center and handles birth and death records.