Forty years after congressional passage of legislation barring sex discrimination by agencies that receive federal funding, women are celebrating more than a generation of achievement.

Title IX, as the nondiscrimination part of the 1972 Educational Amendments Act, has given women the opportunity to achieve dreams they may have never had the chance to.

Lacey Nymeyer John, a former University of Arizona swimmer and Olympic silver medalist, can be seen as a perfect example of the law's impact.

"Title IX had a huge impact on my life," says Nymeyer John. "I had the opportunity to not only compete at a college level in something I loved, but I got to take it all the way to the highest level at the Olympics."

For female athletes all over the nation, Title IX continues to help them achieve greatness by providing fair funding for men's and women's sports.

Some still think there is a ways to go.

"In the next 20 years, I hope that women's athletics can gain just as much media coverage as men's," says Kathleen "Rocky" LaRose, deputy director of athletics at the UA.