While the number of children in state care has doubled over the past decade, Arizona's funding for foster care and available foster homes has declined--so much so that many foster children are now being sent out of the county to find a suitable home.

And that, experts say, can sever family connections.

"The number one predictor of kids being returned back to their biological parents after they've been removed is visitation," says Sam Dyer, supervisor of the Casa De Los Niños Foster Care Program.

"If kids are being placed in Phoenix or further, the ability to get them back for visits on a regular basis is obviously complicated," Dyer says.

In an attempt to gain more foster families for the program, Casa De Los Niños has launched a campaign including five mayors from Arizona to encourage families across the state to participate in the foster care program.

Daniela Preciado, a foster parent, speaks of the issues involved in taking on this challenge.