A fund-raising concert to send a Southern Arizona chorus to Panama and Cuba is scheduled for Saturday in Tucson.

Musica Sin Fronteras -- music without borders -- will perform at 7 p.m. at Grace St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 2331 . Adams St. Attendance is by donation.

Lori Keyne, director of the Bi-national Arts Institute, the umbrella organization for Musica Sin Fronteras, says the group is planning to travel to Panama and Cuba and hopes the concert will raise money for the journey.

"Musica Sin Fronteras started in 2006 in response to a Latin American music conference," Keyne says, explaining that it inspired her to form the organization.

Chorus singer Christina Jarvis, joined Musica Sin Fronteras at Keyne's request and says she sees the group inspiring cross-border relations.

"Musica Sin Fronteras is a cross-border embrace, both ways," Jarvis says. "We just had a concert down at the border wall, and it was so powerful. It's an expression of, 'We're not going to accept that; we're not going to e like that. We can work together.'"