Members of the Tucson Pima Arts Council are recognizing people or organizations in Southern Arizona for their contributions or support of the arts, and community station KXCI is one of the winners.

The radio station has been chosen for a "Lumie" in the category of Established Arts Organization. TPAC says Lumies go to luminaries in the community who play important roles in the local arts scene.

Randy Peterson, general manager of the station which signed on in 1983says the station has helped to launch the careers of many local musicians by being the first to play their music to a radio audience.

"Full-powered community radio stations -- there's about 25 or 30 in the entire country," Peterson says. "This is a rare treat and we always say that community radios only exist in communities that deserve them."

Katie Rogerson, vice president of the board of directors, began her connection to the station as a regular listener when she came to Southern Arizona from Idaho for a job.

"When I first moved to Tucson I was introduced to KXCI and honestly, I haven't changed the dial since," Rogerson says. "I mean, it's really that dynamic of a radio station and the more I listened to it the more I wanted to find out how I could become involved and help with the station."

Rogerson and Peterson say the station is able to continue its operation thanks to dedicated volunteers and vital contributions from the community.