The rains that have caused road closures and power outages in Southern Arizona are also bringing good news for wilderness areas: reduced fire restrictions.

Saguaro National Park and the Coronado National Forest are lifting the fire restrictions that were in place this summer.

Elsewhere in the state, fire restictions were eased in Grand Canyon National Park, also because of summer rain.

More than four inches of rain has fallen at Saguaro National Park East in the last three weeks, and park officials cite the forecast for more humidity and rain as reasons to relax fire bans.

Coronado National Forest officials say the recent rains are bringing green growth to the forest, which helps reduce fire danger.

Fireworks are always banned in all national forests, so that restriction continues.

In all cases, officials are still urging people to be cautious when using grills or campfires, because conditions can change quickly and what is now wet can easily become dry fuel.