John Mahoney as William “Kid” Gleason, manager of the 1919 Chicago White Sox, and John Cusack as shortstop and third baseman Buck Weaver in the movie “Eight Men Out.”

“Eight Men Out “was released in 1988, and is based on the true story of the Chicago White Sox baseball team that took bribes and deliberately lost the 1919 World Series. It became known as the “Black Sox Scandal.”

The 1919 Chicago White Sox, considered one of the greatest teams in baseball, are owned by Charles Comisky, who was not willing to financially reward his players for their outstanding season. Arnold Rothstein, head of a gambling syndicate in New York, learns about the team’s frustration and foresees an opportunity to make money. Arnold offers a select group of White Sox players more money to throw the World Series (against the Cincinnati Reds) than they will make if they win the series.

Hollywood at Home presents Eight Men Out, Saturday at 9 p.m. on PBS 6.

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