A Tucson business that was established in 1974 but has grown and prospered is being recognized for its commitment to the arts.

The Tucson Pima Arts Council recently announced its Lumie winners for 2012.

The honorees are seen as "luminaries" for their contributions or support of the arts, and Buffalo Exchange is the winner in the category of "Large Business Partner."

Kerstin Block is the president and co-owner of Buffalo Exchange, which she founded with her late husband Spencer. The couple has always believed in giving back to the community and started an arts award from their company back in 1994.

Block did not know she had been nominated for a Lumie this year, but she says it's an honor to be recognized by members of her city.

"I certainly was not expecting that we would win, so it was all a very positive, pleasant experience for me," Block says.

She says the arts are an integral part of any community and she quotes from a speech that Spencer Block gave during one of their arts awards presentations.

"Art is not a luxury," Spencer Block wrote and said. "Art is not something that humans do when they have nothing else to do. Art is an essential part of the human condition."