Most people today live hectic, technology-focused lifestyles, with little room left over for being creative -- or for slower, more contemplative pursuits like painting.

But in May of 2012, three friends opened a new establishment in Tucson that provides a way for guests to ignite or re-connect with their artistic spirit.

The idea is for the Creative Juice Art Bar to provide all of the supplies and instruction that a frustrated artist needs to get started -- plus some wine, beer and snacks to fuel the fire.

"It's a different kind of night out", admits co-owner Chellie Krajnak. "We've had everything from birthday parties to girl's nights out to events for children and teens. Everyone gets to paint, or learns to paint, without the risk of investing money in supplies or regular classes."

Chellie Krajnak is a former second-grade teacher, which is how she met co-owner Kristina Valencia, who continues to teach art at a private school.

Valencia also created most of the canvases that they use for classes. Together, they designed the concept of Creative Juice with Krajnak's brother, Preston Pingry.

"I really don't think we give my brother enough credit," Chellie says. "He owns it with us, and he was the one who really encouraged us to take the risk. He also got us started with all of the legal stuff and business obstacles."

It has been a learning experience for all three of Creative Juice's owners, who each took a gamble on the new business.

Now, they are ready for Tucson's "hidden artists" to find them, and to join them in exploring the connection between the worlds of creativity and fine wine.

The Creative Juice Art Bar is located in La Plaza Shoppes at 6530 East Tanque Verde in Tucson.