The group trying to get an extension of the one-cent school sales tax onto the November election ballot has sued over wording in the state's official voter publicity pamphlet.

The Quality Education and Jobs Committee said in a press release Wednesday that it filed suit in Maricopa County Superior Court to make the Legislative Council correct what the committee calls misinformation being included in the publicity pamphlet.

The council approved the ballot measure summaries that go into the secretary of state's pamphlet, which is mailed to all registered voters in Arizona before the election.

The contention is over wording describing a proposed initiative to make permanent the one-cent sales tax that voters approved for three years in 2010. Under the new proposal, 80 percent of the revenues from the tax would go to public education and the Legislature could not cut K-12 spending.

" ... including misinformation in the publicity pamphlet is not legally allowed," Ann-Eve Pedersen, who heads the ballot measure group, said in the press release.

The lawsuit lists four areas of contention, including one that it says is intended to introduce the issue of immigration into the debate over the proposal by saying there's no residency definition for college scholarships.

The measure is not yet on the ballot. Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who originally rejected the petitions over an inconsistency in wording that he said violated state law, is appealing a Superior Court judge's rejection of his decision.

Read the lawsuit filing here: View at Google Docs | Download File

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