According to a Latino political polling organization, Mitt Romney lags behind Barack Obama among Latino voters in Arizona and several other states.

Latino Decisions polled 2,000 voters in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Virginia — states the firm defines as battlegrounds in this election cycle.

The results show Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney lagging President Barack Obama in support from Latino voters in all five states. But the level of support varied from state to state.

Romney had 18 percent support form Arizona Latino voters, but 37 percent support from Latino voters in Florida.

Arizona Latino support for Obama came in at 74 percent in the survey, and 8 percent of voters polled here are undecided in the presidential race.

Latino voters in all five states say immigration is the top issue they want Congress and the president to address. It was the top issue among 55 percent of Latino voters polled in Arizona.

The economy came in second, with 26 percent of Arizona Latino voters saying it is the top issue right now.

The polling firm Latino Decisions conducted the poll about 10 days ago on land lines and cell phones, surveying 400 Latino voters in each state. The firm works for news organizations such as ABC News and the Los Angeles Times, as well as the nonpartisan National Association of Latino Elected & Appointed Officials.

Read the Latino Decisions 5-state survey: View at Google Docs | Download File

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