On any given day, the Tucson area hosts dozens of homeless veterans who could use a place to stay and some help to get their lives back in order.

And for many, Comin' Home makes all the difference. It's a local oganization dedicated to helping homeless veterans by providing a transitional housing facility where they can work on improving their lives.

The group was formed in 1989 and has helped nearly 4,0000 veterans in Southern Arizona.

Sarah Taouil is the program coordinator for Comin' Home, which provides intensive support services in addition to the housing.

"[We] help folks get back on their feet," Taouil says. "[To achieve] financial independence, behavioral health services, basic needs and then really just continue with a healthy life."

The organization is presently working on a challenge to provide homes for chronically homeless veterans.

It has about 34 units in place, but hopes to find additional housing and is seeking donations and volunteers from the community.