The mostly desert state of Arizona rankls second in the nation in water-related deaths for children.

Statistically, August is the most dangerous time of the year for children, including accidents that occur in and around swimming pools, bathtubs, flooded washes, open wells and rainwater cisterns.

Across the state, August has been designated as Drowning Impact Awareness Month. As part of the campaign, purple ribbons are on display around the community.

Fire Marshal Tracy Koslowski of the Drexel Heights Fire District says the ribbons are a reminder that children need extra supervision whenever near water.

Koslowski is helping to spread the message of making summertime safer by establishing the ABCs of water safety.

"'A' stands for adult supervision, it's really important that we are constantly watching our kids," Koslowski says.

"'B' is for barriers. We want to make sure that there is fencing not just around the backyard, but around specifically the pool. And 'C' is for classes,. We want to make sure that adults have CPR classes and children have swimming lessons," she says.