Arizona\\u0027s economic recovery is slow so some state leaders are calling for a long\\u002Dterm plan to move the economy into the 21st Century.\\u000D\\u000A\\u000D\\u000AWilliam Harris, PhD \\u002D President and CEO, Arizona Science Foundation\\u000D\\u000AFred Duvall \\u002D Member, Arizona Commerce Board

Arizona has many of the pieces in place to get the economy moving, but there is no strategic coordination, says a former member of the state Board of Regents.

Focusing on scientific research and the businesses it can spawn is a key, says the head of the Science Foundation of Arizona.

Former regent Fred DuVal and science foundation CEO William Harris make their remarks in an Arizona Illustrated interview.

DuVal says education can play a large role in driving the future economy.

Harris agrees with DuVal and says looking at what other states are doing is a starting point.