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UA Channel Goes Digital

Effective October 11, UA Channel will be switching from TV to online. Watch lectures, live events, forums, debates and more completely on demand!

Tackling Something New

Despite having his football career cut short by concussions, Rob Hankins continues to make a name for himself.

A Woman's Perspective

Two UA women from the Middle East share their experiences with gender and culture.

The Price of a Degree

Students go into debt in the name of a higher education.

Changing the Conversation

Two UA students challenge us to think differently about disabilities, and the way we discuss them.

Looking Forward

A new iPhone app examines the back of the eye to detect diseases.

Tucson Guitar Orchestra Strings Along

UA+ student Arlene Islas meets the Tucson Guitar Society Orchestra as they prepare for a special tour with Grammy award winner, William Kanengiser.

The Helping Professions

A new major offers students a unique experience in a constantly changing field.

Finding the Cure

The College of Pharmacy gets one step closer to finding a cure for cancer with the help of Dr. Danzhou Yang and her team of students.

UA+ Episode 106


Live From The Audio Booth

The KAMP radio station allows students to broadcast their favorite music all throughout University of Arizona campus.

Following Maíz

UA professor and author Roberto Rodríguez talks about Maíz culture and it's significance in the Tucson area.

Underground Kitchen

While students are in deep sleep, kitchen staff underneath the Student Union are baking and cooking around the clock.

The Poor College Student

This piece takes a look at the "poor college student" stereotype and what some UA students are doing to change that.

A Trip Back in Time

The History of Pharmacy Museum takes you back in time to territorial days in Tucson.

Connecting Art Forms

UA dance Professor Douglas Nielsen shares his love for dance and photography, and talks about how the two may be connected

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