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Report: AZ Public Service Shouldn't Change Solar Power Rates

APS wants to change rates by either dropping it down to what commercial solar producers get, or charging residential solar customers a fee between $50, $100.

The fence separating the U.S. from Mexico in Nogales, Ariz.

Govt Shutdown Affecting Immigration Issues

Two-thirds of nation's courts handling such issues are closed or working strictly limited schedules.

Feature on how babies learn language. Researchers at the University of Arizona have tested thousands of babies at the Tweety Lab and have discovered children are not necessarily "sponges" soaking up everything they can learn but are actually quite selective.

WIC in Pima County Funded Through October

Federal shutdown isn't affecting the Women, Infant and Children program yet, which reaches more than 300,000 people in AZ per year.

AZ Court: Grants for Parents of Disabled Students Constitutional

State Court of Appeals' decision upholds 2012 ruling that parents have discretion on how to use vouchers.

2 AZ Democrats Join GOP in House Vote to Delay Affordable Care Act

Attempt to delay draws support from Barber and Sinema, along with all 4 AZ Republican representatives.

public domain U.S. Capitol image

Shutdown: Parks Closed, D-M Civilians Furloughed

Essential services, including air traffic control, Border Patrol, other security forces, still working.

Second Republican Enters CD2 Race in AZ

Former congressional aide, talk-show host Ed Martin calls for opponent Martha McSally to withdraw.

2 State Plant Species Get Federal Protection

Acuña cactus, Fickeisen plains cactus under Endangered Species Act; threatened by drought, invasive flora.

Enrollment for Obamacare Health Insurance Starts Tuesday

Approximately 120,000 uninsured Pima County residents are eligible to sign up for health care.

public domain U.S. Capitol image

Govt Shutdown May Have Broad Impact in AZ

National parks likely first to feel effects; picture for other agencies, including military, not yet clear.

US Court Further Restricts Immigration Tactics

Judge rules Maricopa sheriff cannot charge people who pay to be sneaked into country as conspirators to smuggling.

View of the Yarnell Hill Fire south of Prescott. The 8,400-acre fire killed 19 hotshot firefighters.

Yarnell Fire: Communications Blackout Just Before Deaths

Radio issues cited in investigative report into blaze that killed 19 hotshot crew members near Prescott.

ASU President Michael Crow and UA President Ann Weaver Hart at TREO higher-education forum Sept. 25, 2013.

AZ Week: Higher Ed Adjusting to Talent Needs

Shift to knowledge-based economy of skilled workers, thinkers has universities rethinking their approaches.

California Condors to be Released in North AZ

The three birds will bring population in northern Arizona, southern Utah to a total of 72.

Six-Figure Bonuses for University Presidents Approved

AZ Board of Regents reaches decision Friday; UA, ASU presidents could potentially receive $260K over a three-year span.

Another Republican Announces Candidacy for CD2 2014 Race

Ed Martin, talk-radio host, joins Martha McSally in GOP nominations for Congressional District 2's primary elections next year.

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