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State Targets Scrap Metal Dealers

AZ House bill would require business registration to lower theft

Group Seeks Mining Law Update

Extraction of minerals still occurs under 1872 legislation

Site of the proposed Rosemont copper mine, looking west from Highway 83.

State Issues Key Rosemont Permit

Environmental quality agency gives OK, subject to conditions

EPA: AZ 10th for Toxic Chemical Releases

Annual inventory shows most came from copper mines

Pinal County growth

Copper Mine Plan Draws Big Opposition

300 attend meeting in Florence, say mine would pollute groundwater

Resolution Copper To Cut Jobs And Budget

Company says uncertain legislative and regulatory environment stalls copper mine project near Superior

Copper Operation Near Kingman Gets OK

High price of metal makes reopening Chloride Mine possible

EPA: Copper Facilities Release Most Toxic Chemicals In Arizona

Federal chemical inventory also shows statewide increase of toxic releases in 2010

Copper at the Crossroads Part 5: Arizona's Toxic Town

EPA says ASARCO smelter is a major polluter in Hayden, AZ, but state and company officials disagree

Copper at the Crossroads Part 4: Some Thrived, Some Died

A look at the colorful history of Arizona's copper mining towns

Copper at the Crossroads Part 3: 'That Mine Was My Mother'

Former San Manuel Mine worker recalls his days underground, and how the mine helped him provide for his family

Site of the proposed Rosemont copper mine, looking north from a ridge line south of the site.

Copper at the Crossroads Part 2: To Dig or Not to Dig?

Both sides weigh in over the proposed Rosemont Copper Mine southeast of Tucson

Copper at the Crossroads Part 1: The Miracle Metal

Series starts with a look at copper's past and present and how it came to be an economic driver in Arizona

'Some Thrived, Some Died'

New book chronicles the history of Arizona mining towns past and present.

Final Forest Service Rosemont Impact Meeting Scheduled

Coronado plans final public comment meeting on company's proposal to put tailings piles on forest land

Rosemont Copper Denied County Air Quality Permit

Company vows to continue application process for proposed open-pit mine.

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