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10/15/12. Rebecca Brukman.
Gas pump at Valero Gas Station.

Gasoline at 3-Year Holiday Low in AZ

Motorists welcome relief for Memorial Day weekend

State Resumes Casino Fight

Seeks trial in opposition to Tohono O'odam Glendale plan

Arizona Capitol Dome

State Revenues Up 17% in April

Sharp rise attributed to shift to avoid higher taxes

Defense Cuts Hitting Region

Full extent unknown, says UA regional economics specialist

AZ Jobless Rate Unchanged at 7.9%

16,600 jobs added in April; tourism industry tops hiring

County Funds Summer Work for 1,300 Teens

Board of Supervisors approves $1.5 million for minimum-wage jobs

County Backs 10-Cent Gasoline Tax Rise

Board of Supervisors asks Legislature for more road funding options

AZ Week: 'We're on Track' for Quality Jobs

Commerce Authority aiming for 75K high-paying positions in 5 years

AZ Job Growth Slows; 1.9% This Year

Phoenix leads, Tucson and rest of state lag

House for sale in Tucson, Arizona

AZ Foreclosures Drop 48.6%

Steady improvement aligns with rising housing prices

Elected Officials Pensions Survive Vote

State Senate votes 12-12, rejecting bill eliminating them

S. AZ Ranchers Face Drought Without Help

Farm bill extension excludes needed emergency assistance

UA Housing Looms Over Neighborhood

High-rise complexes bring density to single-family West University

End of Falling Gasoline Price in Sight reports decline in Tucson, but upward signs prevail


Phoenix Home Prices Soar

Up 30% in last 12 months, ASU study reports

Barber Sponsors Budget Reduction Bill

Bipartisan measure would force cuts to wasteful federal spending

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