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Students Tell Elders' Stories; and UAMA Showcases Sincerity and Creativity

Also on Arizona Spotlight: Tucson Mayor Responds to Pre-Emptive Legislation; and "Dímelo" asks about changes.


Education, Water Rank High with Arizonans

New poll shows prisons, arts, parks and recreation are low-priorities for state residents.

Win, Lose or Draw

Cartoon Humor in Campaigns

Being Heard Above the Noise

When the shouting gets so loud we all miss out.

Transformative Education

HB 2281 and concern for future of Raza Studies in TUSD lends urgency to week-long conference.

Sarah Gassen Commentary

Arizona Senate Bill 1070 won’t keep us safe

Sarah Garrecht Gassen Opinion

Roundtable Panelists


Week's News in Review

John C. Scott

SB1070 Costly for the State of Arizona

John C. Scott Commentary

Roundtable Panel

Friday Roundtable

Analysis context and perspective: Top story this week is the state sales tax surprising margin of victory.

Linda Valdez

Arizona Voters Should Celebrate Today

But, Linda Valdez comments, voters should stay engaged and keep watching developments in Phoenix.

Jim Nintzel

Jim Nintzel Commentary

The legislative session has ended and pretty much everyone in the country is talking about Arizona.

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