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David Arnett from the UA Steward Observatory

Science and Technology

Renewed interest?

Misha Pangasa and Laura Penny

Women in Science

Career opportunities

Misha Pangasa

Female Scientists

Meet Misha Pangasa, a UA student inspiring the next generation of female scientists through a partnership between the BIO5 Institute and the Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona.

David Lelvy

David Levy's Universe

Hubble Telescope and more

Robert Glennon - Ph D, UA Rogers College of Law

Robert Glennon

Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis

solar panels

In the Solar Business

City of Tucson getting in the business

Kitt Peak

400 Years of the Telescope

On April 10th, KUAT6 is airing a new documentary called "400 Years of the Telescope," celebrating the history and the future of astronomy. Mark McLemore talks to the filmmaker, Kris Koenig.

Saturn moons Titan and Europa

Titan and Europa

Moons of Saturn and Jupiter

David Levy's Universe

David Levy

Space news

Solar panels donated to Biosphere 2

Biosphere2 Going Solar

Local manufacturer donates panels

Galapagos reptile

Darwin and the Galapagos

Remote archipelago provided inspiration

NEXT Elena Plante

NEXT: Elena Plante

Visualizing Human Thought


Extra-Terrestrial Life?

Laura Markowitz talks with University of Arizona astronomer Chris Impey about the science of astrobiology, and the ongoing search for signs of alien life.

David Levy's Universe

David Levy

Science talk

Science Center concept

Science Center

What does the future hold?

Dr. Fernando Martinez, new interim Bio5 director

Dr. Fernando Martinez

New Bio5 interim director

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