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Episode 179: 'Migrant Youths Have Options to Stay, Hard to Obtain'

Immigration law expert says unaccompanied, undocumented minors oftentimes go unrepresented in proceedings, don't know about their rights.

AZ Week: 'Migrant Youths Have Options to Stay, Hard to Obtain'

Immigration law expert says undocumented minors often go unrepresented in proceedings, don't know rights.

Episode 178: Wine Business in Arizona Blooming

In past 7 years, 17 wineries turned into 93, spreading through 3 different regions: Willcox, Sonoita-Elgin and Verde Valley.

AZ Week: State Wine Industry Blooming

Arizona's geography, climate make for a unique taste in the wine, putting the state's wineries on the map.

AZ Week: Foster Parents, Child Advocates Demand Better System

Brewer signs 2 overhaul bills establishing department to replace CPS; years of crisis mode operation drove issue.

Episode 177: Foster Parents, Child Advocates Demand Better System

Brewer signed Thurs. 2 child welfare agency overhaul bills establishing depart. that will replace CPS; alarming news last year of un-investigated abuse, neglect cases ignited plans for change.

AZ Week: Community Remembers Monument Fire Destruction

In June 2011 a fire started burning within the Coronado Natl. Forest, eventually spreading to about 29K acres in Huachuca Mountains.

Episode 176: Monument Fire Devastation, Revival of CO River Delta

Community remembers wildfire's devastation in Huachuca Mountains area; expanse of parched earth seeing early revival following Morelos Dam floodgates reopening for pulse flow into delta.

Episode 175: Legislature Preps for Special Session, Hoping to Reform Child Welfare System

A bi-partisan effort to establish reformed child welfare agency; director says some improvements have been made.

AZ Week: Child Welfare Agency Already Improving, Director Says

"There is a great opportunity here to fix a problem that has been present in our state for decades," Charles Flanagan says.

Episode 174: Slow But Steady Rebound for Arizona's Economy

Economists have released their forecast; what are businesses looking for in the workforce? What do coming years hold for state's growth?

Arizona economy

AZ Week: State Economic Growth Slow But Steady, Experts Say

Tucson job growth under 1% since 2012, will continue lagging for couple more years, report figures show.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection marijuana seizure on July 7, 2013, near Naco, Ariz.

Episode 173: Effects of 'El Chapo' Capture in Drug World; Will He Be Extradited?

Local border and legal experts discuss Joaquin 'Chapo' Guzman's capture, his drug lord legacy, what the future holds for Sinaloa Cartel.

AZ Week: 'El Chapo Will Never Be Extradited to US'

After an extensive manhunt one of most wanted drug lords Joaquin 'Chapo' Guzman was captured in Feb.; many argue Mexico will never hand him over to US trial system.

AZ Week: 'Campaigns Could Be Playground for Billionaires'

SCOTUS recently ruled there should be no limits in campaign financial contributions; ASU political science professor says this could change political landscape in an unbalanced way.

Arizona State Capitol

Episode 172: Campaign Finance Reports, Legislative Session Adjourns

AZPM's Christopher Conover, Andrea Kelly discuss the finances; ruling over campaign finance; a look back at legislative highlights.

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