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AZ Week: Next Year's State Budget -- 'Nothing Drastic'

Senate President Pierce says he sees no big increases, no big cuts for 2012-13

Political Roundtable discusses the top stories political stories of 2011 with host Jim Nintzel and guests Jonathan Paton and Rodd McLeod.

Arizona Illustrated: Political Roundtable for Friday, Dec. 30, 2011

Jim Nintzel hosts our weekly discussion of local, state, national politics

Political Roundtable with Jim Nintzel, Christopher Conover and Andrea Kelly review the year in headline news.

Arizona Illustrated: Political Roundtable for Friday, Dec. 23, 2011

Host Jim Nintzel leads lively discussion of local, state, national politics

Redistricting Commission Approves Maps

Split votes on congressional, legislative boundaries; Justice Dept. next

Manuel Isquierdo Ed.D,  Sunnyside Unified School District Superintendent, discusses the state of education in Arizona.

School Districts Turn to Voters to Make Ends Meet

Tough budget year means not all voters are willing to give extra money for education

Cities, Counties Cautiously Pleased About Revenues

Sales taxes are up, but local governments still feel cuts to transportation

Republican Jonathan Paton (left), Democrat Rodd McLeod (center left) and AZPM's Christopher Conover (center right), talk about the contraversal immigration law that is heading to the U.S. supreme court, examine the justice department's crackdown on sheriff Joe Arpayo and an update on the fast and furious investigation. Also an interview with Arizona Republican Attorney General,  Tom Horne.

AZ Illustrated: Political Roundtable for Friday, Dec. 16, 2011

Host Jim Nintzel leads lively discussion of local, state, national politics

How Deep Was the State Budget Cut?

Arizona Public Media’s Political Team takes a look at the state budget six months into the fiscal year.

Mark Kelly reviews the events in his life of 2011 by talking on his novel, career, N.A.S.A., recent retirement from the U.S. Navy, and the recovery of his wife, congresswoman Gabriel Giffords.

Kelly: Giffords Speaking in Full Sentences

Wounded congresswoman's recovery measured in weekly improvement

Republican Senator President, Steve Pierce talks on 2012 and ways to improve the budget, economic growth in jobs, taxes and other topics to help Arizona grow as a state.

New Senate President Weighs in on 2012

Republican Steve Pierce discusses legislators' plans for battling Arizona's debt

Christopher Conover brings us this week's political focus.

Immigration Arizona's Greatest Problem, Residents Say

Polls show immigration and education are top priorities for Arizonans

Attorney Mike Rankin discusses the violations that Occupy Tucson participants are facing and provides details about the repeat offenders' situations.

City Attorney: Occupy Tucson Citations Don't Stifle Assembly Rights

Tucson City Attorney Mike Rankin discusses reasons for continued citations, possible legal action facing Occupy Tucson demonstrators

Occupy Tucson participants continue to clash with law enforcement officials.

700 Citations Issued to Occupy Tucson Participants

Activists keep movement alive in downtown park 'to practice free speech'

Tucson Mayor, Jonathan Rothschild (D) discusses his recent election and what it means for the future of Tucson.

New Mayors Pledge Cooperation, Economic Help

Phoenix, Tucson leaders discuss agendas, philosophies, tactics for next four years

Republican Jonathan Paton (left), Former Chair, Pima County Democrat Paul Eckerstrom (center left) and AZPM's Andrea Kelly (center right) talk on how the presidential race is shaping up, examine the court fight for healthcare in the state and how congressman Raul Grijalva picks a fight with Sheriff Joe.

AZ Illustrated: Political Roundtable for Friday, Dec. 9, 2011

Host Jim Nintzel leads lively discussion of local, state, national politics

UA Department of Communication Professor, Kate Kenski Ph.D. informs us on the conflicting polls that are happening a year before the Presidential election and what they all mean.

How To Read A Poll

The political polls and percentages are flying, but what do they mean?

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