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A Delicate Balance

Creating a better, post-January 8th system to protect the public and help persons with serious mental illness

Ranching's Risky Business in Southern Arizona

Local ranchers say they want more resources and protection on the border to cope with illegal immigration.

Obama and Iran

The Battle of Hope vs. Fear

Episode 15: A Legislative Wrapup

The Arizona Legislature closed its regular session this week in a rush of bill passages and hijinks

Arizona economy

Tag Could Fund Tea Party Training

Proceeds from the sale of the controversial tag would fund a state board to help the Tea Party organize

Kimberly Craft interviews Ishmael Khaldi, an Israeli Ariab Beduin diplomat.

From Shepherd to Diplomat

Ishmael Khaldi, a Bedouin nomad and Israel's first high-ranking Muslim diplomat, advises the Israeli Foreign Ministry

Brewer Vetoes Controversial Bills

Republican Governor refuses to sign presidential citizenship, campus guns measures

Kimberly Craft talks with Steve Kozachik Tucson City Council for Ward 6 about signs of fracture in the Republican delegation of Southern Arizona.

The Republican Rift

Republican council member calls his party dysfunctional

Nuclear Security in a Post Cold War World

Tucson Committee on Foreign Relations and the Partnership for a Secure America

Arizona Capitol Dome

Episode 14: Arizona's Unique Political Dynamics

Redistricting, Kyl, Giffords combo makes the state's political scenario more interesting than usual - Arizona Week explores

We talk with Nancy Everhart the President of American Association of School Librarians and Jerrilyn "Jerri" Blackman a Librarian at Utterback Magnet Middle School about cuts in education.

Spending Cuts and School Libraries

National association honors local school library for excellence, just as deep education cuts force its longtime librarian out of her job

Assessing the Economic Impacts of Immigration

Immigration Week at the UA

literacy and the courts

Court Upholds SB 1070 Stay

Federal appeals court decision keeps key blocks to controversial immigration law

Christopher Conover and Jim Nintzel, a senior writer at the Tucson Weekly, discuss current political events.

Political Focus: Budgets and Brinkmanship

Tucson Weekly's Jim Nintzel joins Arizona Illustrated for a discussion of this week's political news

Christopher Conover sits down to talk with Gabriel Thompson, author of "Working in the Shadows."

Working in the Shadows

Author Gabriel Thompson chronicles the lives of workers doing America's least-wanted jobs

TUSD children in classroom.

Episode 13: The Fourth R: Reductions

Arizona public schools begin the task of trimming another $183 million from their budgets - Arizona Week's 13th episode explores

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