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Breaking Down a New Budget

The Pima County Board of Supervisors has given a tentative approval to the budget next fiscal year -- but what will that mean for the county?

Arizona Capitol Building where a budget stalemate continues deep into the fiscal year.

Episode 19: The Next Generation of Arizona Leaders

Civic leadership academy completes its inaugural class of training for would-be state leaders

Race for Tucson's Ward 4

Incumbent Shirley Scott faces political newcomer Tyler Vogt in the southeast side ward

"Giffords Looks Great" Following Surgery

Doctors hopeful that two procedures performed yesterday will lead to still greater recovery for wounded congresswoman

Three incumbent councilmembers are seeking re-election later this year, but they are facing opposition.

Two in the Race for Tucson's Ward 2

Incumbent Paul Cunningham is being challenged by retired resident Jennifer Rawson

AHCCCS Cuts Draw Federal Attention

Some members of Congress want a say in Arizona's Medicaid cuts

Ethnic Studies Controversy Continues

Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal now to review a report detailing the findings of the ethnic studies program audit

The Race is On for Ward 1

Two Democrats are scheduled to square off for Tucson's Ward 1 seat in this year's primary election

Taking Stock of the RTA

As the Regional Transportation Plan marks its 5th anniversary, the city examines its benefits and costs

Michel Marisco

A Big Week for Border Issues

Border reporter Michel Marizco makes sense of the week's politically-charged talk about border crime and immigration

Water hose

Episode 18: State Water Situation Still Serious

A snowy winter won't save Arizona from its water woes, but does give water managers more time to plan for inevitable drier periods ahead

Web Feature: A Civil Rights Legacy

In life, and now in death, one reverend helps shape Tucson’s struggle for equality

Kimberly Craft interview Nina Rabin, Border Studies Director at the UA Southwest Institute for Research on Women.

When Parents Disappear

Law researcher explores what happens to children when their parents are detained or deported

A Delicate Balance

Creating a better, post-January 8th system to protect the public and help persons with serious mental illness

Ranching's Risky Business in Southern Arizona

Local ranchers say they want more resources and protection on the border to cope with illegal immigration.

Obama and Iran

The Battle of Hope vs. Fear

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