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Kimberly Craft talks about the COT Economic plan with Regina Romero democrat Tucson City Council, Ward 1.

New Year, New Plan

Tucson City Councilmember Regina Romero unveils new plan for economic recovery

Goddard Reflects On His Time As AG

Outgoing Arizona Attorney General looks back on accomplishments, remains non-committal about political future

Frank Antenori, a Republican for AZ State Senate, District 30 and Al Melvin, also a Republican for AZ State Senate, District 26 join the studio for an interview.

Al Melvin and Frank Antenori Talk Jobs

Republican state senators say job creation is critical for Arizona's economic recovery

The last Friday Roundtable of the year.

Arizona Illustrated's Final Friday Roundtable

The Friday Roundtable on Arizona Illustrated comes to an end as local journalists discuss the year's top stories

Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll joins the Friday Roundtable.

Peering Into Pima County's Future

Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll talks about the county's challenges in 2011

Pakistan: What the Future May Hold

John R. Schmidt

Vic Williams a Republican is an Arizona Representative for District 26.

State Legislature Prepares for Opening Day

Recently re-elected rep Vic Williams discusses 2011 priorities

Supreme Court of the United States

Eavesdropping on the Supreme Court

Listen to how Arizona defended itself in the nation's highest court

Mark, Sarah, and Jim join Bill in the studio to discuss this weeks top stories.

Friday Roundtable

Council and new Rio Nuevo Board move to settle their differences, plus more bad publicity for the state

John Schmidt is an Adjunct Faculty with George Washington Washington University.

Probing Our Ties to Pakistan

Former diplomat John Schmidt reviews the U.S. relationship with the troubled South Asian country

U.S. Fears Rise of Mexico's Old Party

Wikileaks dispatches show concern among U.S. officials over rise of the PRI

Linda Thomas is the Director of Programs for Wingspan.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Wingspan director Linda Thomas discusses her experiences in the military and Wingspan's work to support civil rights

Pricing Out the DREAM Act

How much the proposal costs depends on who you ask


Earmarks: Good or Bad?

One person's budget pork is another's critical funding

Bill Buckmaster sits down with Jim Nintzel of the Tucson Weekly and Linda Valdez of the Arizona Republic.

Friday Roundtable

The Rio Nuevo Audit and the state's continuing money woes are among the items on this week's Friday Roundtable

Margaret Kenski PhD., Political Pollster.

Deconstructing Election 2010

Political pollster Margaret Kenski looks at the 2010 election and the implications for the political year ahead

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