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Genomics Tomorrow Panel Discussion

Genomics Now, Science Series 2013

New Oral History Project to Collect 'Arizona Experiences'

Recording booth at this weekend's book fair to let Arizonans record and preserve their stories

JJ Brost, Science and Operations Officer from the National Weather Service in Tucson discusses what weather changes we can expect to see in the coming months.

Hotter Year, Colder Months, Likely Fires

National Weather Service has figures for Southern Arizona

Ursula Kramer from the Pima County Dept. of Environmental Quality, Fran LaSala from the Tucson Environmental Services Department, and Joan Lionetti from Tucson Clean and Beautiful talk about the way recycling can help improve the community.

Second-Hand Stores: Reuse in Vogue

Local groups see more awareness, participation

Shoppers pay a visit to The HabiStore. A thrift store run by The Habitat for Humanity.

Recycling: Win-Win for People, Nature

Second-hand stores save money, resources

Giffords at Safeway: Gun Control Needed

Returns to scene of Jan. 8, 2011 shooting to make her plea

Prescribed Burn At Sweetwater Wednesday

Fire at west Tucson nature preserve provides training, mosquito control

Epigenetics: Why DNA Is Not Our Destiny

Genomics Now, Science Series 2013

Construction at Pima County's new Roger Road Wastewater Treatment facility.

New Wastewater Plant Will Meet Fed Standards

Roger Road plant's odors also will be controlled; building done in 2014

Rural health care providers in Southeast Arizona may be facing some new challenges. Governor Jan Brewers budget relies on obtaining an exemption from federal rules so she can reduce the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, the state's Medicaid alternative, and save the state $1.5 billion over the next two years.

Cuts Expected to Medicare, Food Assistance

Sequester may indirectly but significantly impact local agencies

Sequester Affects Tucson: Health, UA, More

Cuts ordered; furloughs would take 30 days to kick in

Margaret Zinser, Glass Artist President of the SGS Board of Directors, discusses the activities at the Sonoran Glass School and the recent Flame-Off, a competition featuring accomplished glass artists, held at the Rialto Theatre.

'Flame-Off' Leads to Delicate Creations

Glass-blowing competition draws crowd, interest in art

Former Pima County Democratic Party Chairman Jeff Rogers and former Tucson City Councilwoman Carol West discuss the latest action at the Arizona Legislature, the potential fallout from sequestration and this year's City Council races.

AZ Illustrated Politics Episode, March 1, 2013

Analysis of Tucson City Council race, legislative proposals, sequester

Risk of Implied Security Arrangements

The Case of Israel

Cuts Would Furlough 1,300 DM Civilians

Possible 18% reduction in flying hours, Air Force spokesman says

Hundreds supported in-state tuition for students who receive Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival status.

PCC to Give In-State Tuition to 'Dreamers'

Board votes to accept temporary work permits as proof of residency

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