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Victoria Maizes M.D., executive director at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, explains what integrative medicine is, what it is not, and some of the work going on in Tucson.

Integrative Medicine Center Celebrates 20 Years of Research

Tucson-based AzCIM leads the nation when it comes conventional, alternative medical practices.

AZ Appeals Court to Hear Cases at UA Law School

Annual event is set up so law school students can learn first-hand how an appeals hearing works.

Food Bank Donates Food Boxes to Workers Affected by Shutdown

Taking more than 600 to Grand Canyon National Park on Tuesday for those who haven't worked since partial gov shutdown began last Tuesday.

The border wall between Mexico and Arizona runs through rolling desert hills, separating a bustling Mexican city from the Arizona desert.

Part of SB 1070 Struck Down by Federal Appeals Court

'Harboring and transporting aliens' clause called void because of its vagueness and is preempted by fed law.

Obama, Hitler Similar in Leadership Styles, AZ Rep Says

Republican state Rep. Brenda Barton of Payton sparks controversy but stands by her comments.

Tom Nielsen, father of brain injury survivor Marc Nielsen and board member for the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona, discusses his son's accident and the effects it had on his son's brain.

Coping with Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Each year, Arizona emergency departments treat more than 48,000 patients for a traumatic brain injury.

Arizona Capitol.

Brewer Orders State Money Used for Family Welfare Payments

Fed shutdown led to cutoff of funding for thousands of poor in AZ; governor allocates $650K temporarily.

The rosy-faced lovebird has established a sizable population in the Phoenix area that is attracting the attention of residents and experts.

African Birds Thrive in Phoenix

Population for the rosy-faced lovebirds, also known as the peach-faced lovebirds, has grown during the past few decades, as has its popularity.

Alternatives For Proposed Interstate 11 Released

Upcoming meetings will give possible routes for Phoenix to Las Vegas highway; rest would connect Mexico and northern Nevada.

First Flu Case Confirmed in Maricopa County

Involving an unvaccinated child; there were more than 1,900 cases of the illness in Pima last season.

Warning sign along northbound Interstate 17 in metropolitan Phoenix, Oct. 6, 2013.

Elected Officials in AZ Continue Shutdown Criticism

GOP lawmaker: 'Mean-spirited actions' by Obama; Dem congressman: 'Congress failing to do its job.'

AZ Attorney General: Federal Voter Forms Not For State Elections

New challenge to fed authority comes as secretary of state asks for legal advice on AZ vs US voter registration.

AZ Only State to Cut Off Welfare in Shutdown

Average payments of $207 to 5,200 poor families stopped last week; governor's office, DES won't comment.

Arizona State Parks Open For Business During Shutdown

Park officials said they have seen an increase in number of visitors camping in northern AZ, since more than 250 federal camping sites in the state closed last week.

Arizona's desert sun is beautiful, but it can be deadly with too much skin exposure.

Climate Change Impact Felt in SW With Rising Temps

Recent report shows human influence; higher temperatures bring health, wildfire risks to the Southwest.

AZ Week: Bringing Bullying to an End in Society

Greater prevention efforts needed in legal, educational realms in schools, cyberspace, workplace, experts say.

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