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Full Interview With Coronado National Forest's Schewel

Wildfire season will be worse than average with many, big fires, she says

Episode 71: Big Wildfire Season Predicted

'We're flammable now,' forest official says of extremely dry conditions

AZ Week: Big Wildfire Year Predicted

Ongoing drought means 'we’re flammable now,' official says

Episode 70: College Grad Job Prospects Brighten

UA, ASU career specialists see significant rise in employment offers

Aruna Murthy, Director of Economic Analysis for the Office of Employment and Population Statistics, discusses the market for graduating students from Arizona's universities.

Full Interview with State Economist Aruna Murthy

Job prospects for young people, including college grads, on the rise, she says

Elaine Stover, Director of Career Services at ASU, discusses what graduating students of ASU will be doing with their degrees.

Full Interview on Grad Job Prospects With Elaine Stover

84% of recent ASU alumni have received job offers, she says

2009 UA Commencement

AZ Week: College Grad Job Prospects Brighter

State's economy more receptive; UA, ASU see heightened recruitment

State Rep. Chester Crandell, discusses educational funding and performance.

Full Interview on Education With Rep. Chester Crandell

Legislature should give school boards, districts more control of funding, he says

State Sen. David Schapira, discusses state educational funding.

Full Interview on Education With Sen. David Schapira

State rainy day fund disingenuous when resources needs mean 'it's raining' now, he says

State Rep. John Kavanagh, discusses state educational funding.

Full Interview on Education with Rep. John Kavanagh

Funding not where it should be, but getting better, he says

Episode 69: Education Funding Debate

$177M more in just-passed budget, but advocates say it's not enough

Students hard at work in a Tucson Unified School District classroom.

AZ Week: Education Funding Debated

GOP legislators say $177M added; others say it's not enough

Episode 68: Budget Compromise, Of Course

Brewer gets welfare spending, legislators get savings; voting next week


Several people discuss efforts to reform the state employee hiring and firing system while having opposing beliefs.
Jimmy Chavez - President, Arizona Highway Patrol Association 
Sheri Van Horsen - President, Local 3111, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees 
Mark Flatten - Investigative Journalist, Goldwater Institute 
Nick Dranias - Director, Center for Constitutional Government, Goldwater Institute

AZ Week: Budget Compromise, Of Course

Brewer got welfare funding, legislators got savings; voting next week

We speak to Jenny Neeley of Sky Island Alliance 
about the Border Wall Poll.

Episode 67: SB 1070 Goes to Supreme Court

Russell: control the border; Grijalva: If law upheld, difficulties ahead

Congressman Raúl Grijalva discussing his opinions and stance on SB 1070.

Full Interview on SB 1070 with U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva

To the Latino community, the issue over immigration is personal, he says

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