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AZ Week: 2014 Could Bring New Political Landscape to State

The new year brings midterm election cycle; come Nov. Arizona voters deciding on new governor, Congress seats.

AZ Week: Mexican Shoppers Enhance State Economy

Estimates put annual stimulus at $1 billion annually; Tucson area merchants are biggest beneficiaries.

Episode 154: Mexican Shoppers Enrich State Coffers

$1 billion in annual sales and more to come.

AZ Week: Teachers, Students Adjust to Common Core

UA education dean: Arizona needs to be aware of major investment needed for success of new standards.

Episode 153: Common Core Implementation in Classrooms

New teaching method is not only new to students but also the teachers who have to prepare themselves to understand new standards.

Episode 152: In Midst of CPS Crisis, Elected Officials Want Solutions

Agency under scrutiny for past few weeks over news that 6,550 child abuse weren't investigated; discussion of solutions to cracks in system.

AZ Week: In Midst of CPS Crisis, Elected Officials Want Solutions

AZ Sen. David Bradley has been vocal about issue, recently introduced own proposal of what state should do to successfully protect children.

AZ Week: Child Abuse Victim Gives Back as Foster Parent

Daniela Preciado says she sees herself in many of the kids she cares for now that she has reached adulthood.

Arizona economy

AZ Week: State Strategizes to Improve Trade with Mexico

With $12 billion in trade, experts say Arizona needs more to take advantage of business opportunities.

Episode 151: AZ Strategizes to Improve Trade with Mexico

Trade with neighbors to the South is at $12 billion; business, civic leaders focused on taking more advantage of it.

AZ Week: Talks of AZ Water Crisis, Officials Search for Solutions

Existing supplies may not suffice in future; issues raised about where, how state will find more.

Episode 150: AZ's Short, Long-Term Water Issues, Solutions

Morrison institute for Public Policy held water forum at ASU; U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl, water law expert Robert Glennon discuss issue.

AZ Week: Problems, Debate Over Affordable Care Act

Four voices discuss political, economic, societal effects in the country, amid one controversy after the other.

Episode 149: Impacts of Affordable Care Act

A discussion about the political, economic effects of Obamacare; will the good outweigh the glitches or vice versa?

AZ Week: Barber Standing Strong With Vet Affairs

'It is a real disgrace that we should have any veteran homeless,' Arizona Democrat says.

Episode 148: Phoenix WWII Memorial, Efforts to Honor Vets

Veterans Day is Monday...

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