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Tom Horne, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction

AZ Suing Maricopa County Community College District

State filed action against offering in-state tuition to young immigrants who were granted deferred deportation.

AZ Divided on Supreme Court Same-Sex Couples' Rights Ruling

Many people on both political spectrums praised Wednesday decision, but others still want changes in state constitution.

Brewer faces Wednesday Deadline to Sign, Veto Bills

The governor has three remaining tax cut proposals on her desk.

Weekend Heat Wave Could Usher In Rains Next Week

110°+ temps are part of final ingredient needed to start monsoon moisture, meteorologists say.

Brewer, Horne Applaud Supreme Court Voting Law Ruling

Arizona officials content with decision, determining states shouldn't seek federal approval to change election policies.

McCain: US Should Be Tougher in Diplomacy with Russia, China

Arizona senator urges President Obama to be firmer with both countries, dealing with CIA leaker.

Brewer: 'I Demand a Secure Border'

Governor says she is encouraged by Senate immigration reform but wants security 'as strong as possible.'

Key Part of Voting Rights Act Ruled Unconstitutional

Supreme Court decision, 5-4, frees Arizona, 8 other states from federal preclearance of electoral changes.

Study: AZ Lags National Gains for Charter Schools

Despite having BASIS nationally ranked, state records low scores in reading, math for nontraditional classrooms.

Judicial Rulings May Affect Voting in AZ

State awaits Voting Rights Act decision, mulls registration ID change that came from US Supreme Court.

House for sale

AZ Renters Gain Foreclosure Protection

Landlords must give notice of property repossessions under legislation signed by governor.

Arizona Spotlight logo

Arizona Spotlight: June 21, 2013

State parks report card; zombie subdivisions in Phoenix, Hank Topless session; more


AZ Near Bottom in Children's Education, Health, Security

State still suffers from poor quality in early education, ranking it second worst in the nation.

Supreme Court Wants Limited Affirmative Action

Justices do not overturn law, but order lower court to apply narrower definition in college admissions case.

Some Arizonans Will Receive Insurance Rebates

Health companies required to give money back if they didn't meet federal spending regulations.

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with Arizona's federal officials about issues affecting Tucson.

Tucson Aims to End Veterans' Homelessness

President sets 2015 goal for city, mayor commits to deadline

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