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State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona

AZ Legislature Adjourns Historic Session Early Friday

Medicaid expansion, budget, early-voting changes, sales-tax reform all make final cut in exhausting session.

Traffic on Speedway in Tucson

Voice-Activated Car Technology Considered Distracting

AAA survey shows newest gadget is 'more dangerous' than hands-free and hands-held devices.

What's in Arizona's $8.8B State Budget for 2013-14

Spending package increases K-12, child protective funding, brings 'structural deficit' under control in 2 years.

Heat Drives Borderlands Rescues; 177 in 30 Days

Desert temperatures put people crossing illegally in distress; Border Patrol agents double as EMTs.

Marijuana Legalization Goal of Proposed Initiative

Ballot measure would amend state constitution to allow growth, manufacture, sale for personal use.

The Arizona House of Representatives, in a 2013 floor session.

Medicaid Drives Coalition to AZ Budget Adoption

Passage comes on votes of 18-11 in Senate, 33-27 in House, splitting GOP and giving Brewer major victory.

State Representative, Ted Vogt, provides an update on current state lawmakers.

Ex-Legislator Vogt Named State VA Chief

Brewer appoints Tucsonan, Air Force veteran, to advocacy post as 'strong voice for Arizona veterans.'

U.S. Sen. John McCain.

Immigration Reform Debate Under Way in Senate

Key sponsor McCain decries amendments as costly, unnecessary; he seeks better use of current technology.

AZ Ex-Congressman Guilty on 17 Counts in Land Swap Scheme

Republican Rick Renzi convicted in federal court; acquittal on 15 counts; his lawyer promises appeal.

House for sale in Tucson, Arizona

Another Big Drop in AZ Foreclosure Filings

Down 59.3% statewide from year ago; Phoenix, once nation's worst, saw 64% decline and higher prices.

House, Senate in Session on Medicaid, State Budget

Glut of amendment paperwork bogs down legislative process; all-nighter expected, with proponents optimistic.

AZ Abortion Clinic Funding Ban in Court

Appellate panel will hear state's case in overturned law that targeted funding for Planned Parenthood.

Arizona's Dams Get 'Satisfactory' Grade

Report looks at conditions, hazard potential for hundreds of structures, public and private.

10/17/12. Rebecca Brukman. 
Image of landscape, featuring cloud cover, after monsoon.

Signs Point To Early Monsoon Rains

Forecaster predicts moisture will come not long after season's official start Saturday, similar to 2012.

Brewer Calls Special Session on Budget, Medicaid

Move shows frutration with lack of legislative progress; House, Senate leaders call it 'impetuous.'

AZ House Delays Debate on Abortion Funding

Lack of votes for passage, speaker says after bill, expected to be debated Tuesday, did not come up.

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