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'Stop and Check' Part of SB 1070 to Take Effect

Mandate to determine immigration status in force Friday, pending appeal

Border Fence patrol

Border Patrol Closing 9 Inland Stations

Moving agents to border; change won't affect Arizona

Lori Keyne a D.M.A. and director of Bi-national Arts Institute, Música sin Fronteras talk about the upcoming event.

Music That Knows No Boundaries

'Cross-border embrace' of melody characterizes Musica Sin Fronteras

Following SB1070 Decision, Other States Act

Alabama, Georgia ask courts to lift bans based on Supreme Court ruling

Border Pollution a Worry for Residents

New port of entry at San Ysidro could back up traffic near school

Drone Use Increases Along Mexican Border

Homeland Security employs 10 pilotless craft along Arizona, Texas lines

Maricopa Deputies Call Feds on Immigration Stop

First encounter since SB 1070 ruling; such stops already authorized

Border Town Hall: Key Excerpts

Immigration issues, border crime, racial profiling debated

Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexican presidential candidate of the Institutional Revolutionary Party or PRI.

PRI Returns to Power in Mexico

Enrique Peña Nieto grabs 8-point victory in Sunday election

Watch Border Town Hall Here

We tackle border security, Supreme Court's SB 1070 ruling, importance of Latino vote

US-Mexico border

Canceled Meeting Cost Arizonans $98K

Mexican governors boycotted 2010 Phoenix meeting after SB 1070

Grijalva Holding Immigration Forums

Meetings to address Obama's new immigration policy for young illegal immigrants

US-Mexico border

Civil Rights Groups: Don't Enforce SB 1070 Yet

They notify Gov. Brewer that Supreme Court ruling needs further review

Mexican Election Watched From North

July 1 balloting has great economic meaning for U.S. border states

Border Patrol inspection

U.S. Stops Deputizing AZ Officers for Immigration

Training agreements end as result of Supreme Court's SB 1070 ruling

"Stop and Check" Provision Upheld

Three of four other contested provisions struck down in controversial AZ law, SB 1070

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