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Streetcar Brings Economic Stimulus to City's Core

Significant contributor to Fourth Avenue, downtown Tucson revival, as businesses open trackside.

A sign at an inactive Patagonia mine warns people of the dangers inside.

Mining May Burgeon in Southern AZ

Several projects in addition to Rosemont planned on public lands, subject to extensive public review.

Brewer faces Wednesday Deadline to Sign, Veto Bills

The governor has three remaining tax cut proposals on her desk.

House for sale

AZ Renters Gain Foreclosure Protection

Landlords must give notice of property repossessions under legislation signed by governor.

Tucson Gasoline Prices Rising, Survey Says

Average retail prices up slightly, to $3.26, while national average price decreased in last seven days.

Some Arizonans Will Receive Insurance Rebates

Health companies required to give money back if they didn't meet federal spending regulations.

AZ Fuel Prices Little Changed From Last Week

AAA also predicts little change in rates through summer months

Aruna Murthy, director of economic analysis for the Arizona office of Employment and Population Statistics talks about job outlook in Arizona.

May Unemployment Drops, But Public Sector Loses Jobs

Report shows some improvement, but AZ still tops national average

Rosemont Groundwater Permit Upheld

Administrative judge halts challenge of permit for water facilities at proposed mine

SunZia Power Line Project Advances

Government releases final environmental study on plan to string transmission lines across 500+ miles of AZ, NM

A solar panel at the Mother of Sorrows Catholic Parish and School.

Using Sun to Keep Medicine Cold

Local company makes solar-powered vaccine refrigerators for remote clinics, branches out to military uses.

House for sale in Tucson, Arizona

Another Big Drop in AZ Foreclosure Filings

Down 59.3% statewide from year ago; Phoenix, once nation's worst, saw 64% decline and higher prices.

Tucson Electric Proposes Rate Increase of $3 Monthly

Corporation Commission will hold hearing, vote on proposal Tuesday

County to Realign Road to Give Raytheon Buffer

Hughes Access will be moved half-mile south, allowing expansion space for biggest private local employer.

Fed Budget Cuts Reduce AZ Jobless Benefits

Sequestration takes extended payments from $240 to $200 weekly; 26,000 people out of work 6 months affected.

Convention Bureau: It Contributes $225M to Economy

Agency's studies show gem shows, other conventions and meetings make biggest impact on local tourism business.

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