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Epigenetics: Why DNA Is Not Our Destiny

Genomics Now, Science Series 2013

Risk of Implied Security Arrangements

The Case of Israel

The 9 Billion People Question

Genomics Now, Science Series 2013

Genomics and the Complexity of Life

Genomics Now: Science Series 2013

Challenges of the 21st Century and the Future of American Super Power Status

Dr. Bruce Jentleson will speaks to the Tucson Committee on Foreign Relations

First Director of the Center for Creative Photography, Harold Jones

"And Then...My First Years at the CCP"

Are Genes the Software of Life?

Genomics Now: Science Series 2013

Afghanistan, Heroin and Women

Five Years on the Opium Trail

Creative Inquiries

A presentation by artist and professor Jackson Boelts

And Justice For All

The 2012 J. Byron McCormick Lecture

University of Arizona Town Hall, October 2012

UA President Ann Weaver Hart answers questions and addresses issues

Win, Lose or Draw

Cartoon Humor in Campaigns

The Deficit and Defense Budget

How much is enough?

State Violence, Border Topologies and the Execution of Law

Complex relations between two modalities of state violence

Chaos Games and Fractal Images

2012 Daniel Bartlett Memorial Lecture

Panel Discussion featuring Political Junkie Ken Rudin

The UA College of Social and Behavioral Sciences “Campaign Voices” with Ken Rudin, Ellen Malcom, John Garcia, and Margaret Kenski.

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