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Artist's concept of the Psyche spacecraft, a proposed mission for NASA's Discovery program that would conduct a direct exploration of an object thought to be a stripped planetary core.

Flagstaff Scientist Detects Water on Rare Metal Asteroid

Another group of scientists wants to send a spacecraft to the asteroid, named Psyche.

Downtown Lecture Series - Immortality: The Dark Immortality of the Vampire

UA Channel

"The Death of Socrates" by Jacques-Louis David (1787)

Downtown Lecture Series - Immortality: Two Ancient Philosophers on Why Death is No Evil

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Fresh fruit sits on the loading dock of Mariposa Port, ready for inspection.

NAFTA-Shaped Hole on Border Business Summit Agenda

With renegotiation up in the air, some participants chocking predictions up to speculation.

An artist's representation of death.

Downtown Lecture Series - Immortality: The Elusive Self in Life and Death

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Healthy Hearts of Hunter-Gatherers Show Value of Exercise

Tanzania's Hadza foragers, and others like them, are around 14 times more active than people in industrialized societies.

Rocktopia Live In Budapest: A Classical (R)Evolution

Immerse yourself in this revolutionary concert that fuses classical music with classic rock. Satureay at 10 p.m. on PBS 6.

A Border Patrol agent looking over the Arizona desert.

More Hardline, Expanding CBP Bigger Concern to Border Groups

Human rights coalition less concerned about a wall.

Puccini's "Manon Lescaut"

The international border fence in the Arizona desert.

Mexico Prepares For Wave Of Migrants Returning From US

Government says it's ready; others are skeptical.

An Amazon facility in Phoenix.

Amazon Warehouse in Phoenix Prepped for 24/7 Holiday Rush

Seemingly "chaos," random storage facility "extremely well organized."

A memorial to 19 firefighters who died June 30, 2013.

Memorial For Fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots Opens

Newest state park isn't a traditional park, but a hike commemorating firefighters.

A class at University of Arizona's Eller College of Management, 2013.

Is Eller MBA Worth the Debt? Ranking Suggests It Is

Return on investment lands University of Arizona business school in 6th place on the list.

Snow on the lower ridges of the Santa Catalina Mountains

Freezing Temperatures Expected Overnight Through Thursday Morning

Freeze and hard-freeze warnings have been issued by the National Weather Service.

An imaginative depiction of the Stone Age, by Viktor Vasnetsov.

Downtown Lecture Series - Immortality: Love and Death in the Stone Age

UA Channel

Samantha Felix and Jesse Pablo run TOCA's Project Oidag, which means "garden." Click to listen to them describe their work teaching youth about traditional foods.

Downtown Lecture Series - Food - Changing Geographies of Food

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