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Meeting on Changes to Gray Wolf Protection Coming to AZ

U.S. Fish and Wildlife hadpreviously left out this state despite being home to many Mexican gray wolves; Sen. Flake urged for forum to happen.

AZ Game and Fish to Release 30 Bighorn Sheep at Catalina State Park

It's part of the agency's effort to re-establish a viable herd in the Santa Catalina Mountains as they disappeared from area in late '90s.

Just one of the seven hundred plus birds at the Oasis Parrot Sanctuary.

Parrot Sanctuary Provides Home for Abused, Neglected Birds

The Oasis Sanctuary in Cochise County is home to more than 700 birds species, such as parrots.

An owl from the Raptor Free Flight exhibit sits on a perch during it's flight training.

Trainers, Volunteers Prepare for Raptor Free Flight Presentation

It was closed for the summer, but birds fly for audiences again at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

These endangered jaguars are part of a breeding population located near southern arizona .

Jaguar Project in Sonora Working Hard to Protect These Felines

They're kept in rugged, isolated territory, where they're being protected from hunting or other human activity.

CA Lead Bullets Ban Gives AZ Environmentalists Hope

Law prohibits use of lead ammunition, aims to protect scavenging animals; AZ has big concern for endangered California condor since lead poisoning is primary cause of death.

AZ Game and Fish Investigates 10 Javelina Found Dead

Agency looking into a possible poaching case of the animal near the Saguaro National Park; remains were just the heads and pelts.

Arugula is just one of the plants that can be started in Tucson winters.

Organic Gardening in Cooler Months

President of local organic gardeners nonprofit shares tips for those who would like to get their hands dirty.

The rosy-faced lovebird has established a sizable population in the Phoenix area that is attracting the attention of residents and experts.

African Birds Thrive in Phoenix

Population for the rosy-faced lovebirds, also known as the peach-faced lovebirds, has grown during the past few decades, as has its popularity.

Arizona's desert sun is beautiful, but it can be deadly with too much skin exposure.

Climate Change Impact Felt in SW With Rising Temps

Recent report shows human influence; higher temperatures bring health, wildfire risks to the Southwest.

2 State Plant Species Get Federal Protection

Acuña cactus, Fickeisen plains cactus under Endangered Species Act; threatened by drought, invasive flora.

Water levels at the Colorado River basin.

Water Future Looks Gloomy for Arizona, Surrounding Region

2016 expected to be tough year due to ongoing droughts, rising demand from increase in population.

Event visiters look at new model electric cars at the Tucson Plugs In event.

Electric Car Event Brings Enthusiasts Together

Sept. 29 was National Plugin Day; Tucson Plugs In showcased these unique vehicles.

A local artists is in the beginning stages of painting a newly constructed rain jar.

Homemade Cisterns Help Harvest Rain

A group of friends helped each other design, build rain harvesting mediums inspired by water-saving efforts in rural Thailand.

Two young Sonoran Pronghorn's lay in the desert sun.

Scientists Study One of Region's Fastest But Rarest Animals

Analysis of Sonoran pronghorn in AZ, Mexico to gain information about endangered species, needs and challenges.

California Condors to be Released in North AZ

The three birds will bring population in northern Arizona, southern Utah to a total of 72.

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