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This picture of a bicycle at an old gas station was taken by Martha Retallick in her travels across the country, on her bike.

Photographer Documents Experience Biking Through US

Artist Martha Retallick has never owned a car, still managed to travel across the country; exhibits a collection of her photos.

The walking trail at Sabino Canyon leads people to the beautiful opening of the canyon.

Abundance of Wildlife, Nature in Heart of Desert

Sabino Canyon is a popular destination for locals, tourists, nature enthusiasts as it has exquisite landscapes every season of the year.

EPA Gives Pima County 65K for Green Infrastructure Guide

Funds for manual that will help county create a storm water management guide for developers, homeowners.

A Mexican Grey Wolf rests in the sun.

3 Mexican Gray Wolves to be Removed from AZ Wild

Wildlife state, national agencies attempting to catch 2 male, 1 female wolf using tranquilizer darts shot from helicopters.

Navajo Generating Station Releases Emission Proposal

EPA requiring plant to reduce emission to improve visibility at nearby national parks including Grand Canyon.

solar panels

Solar Power Rates Debate Makes it to TV

Arguments on both sides of spectrum have released ads in Phoenix television stations.

Charlotte Gillis and Christopher Paulin from Tucson Reptile Rescue, discuss the organizations efforts in trying to find homes for unwanted or abandoned reptiles.

Reptiles Often Transform From Popular Pets to Unwanted Animals

Tucson Reptile Rescue is a group trying to raise awareness about these creatures, help people make better pet decision making.

These olive trees at the U of A provide shade and beauty to the campus and its visitors.

UA Group Harvesting Olives Found on Campus

There are more than 200 olive trees throughout the university; they will be taken to olive mill, pressed into olive oil for university use.

Feeding time for the pigs at Ironwood Pig Sanctuary.

Pot-Bellied Pigs Wait for New Parents At Local Sanctuary

Ironwood Pig Sanctuary is the home for unwanted, abused pot-bellied pigs; since its opening the animals have kept on coming.

Meeting on Changes to Gray Wolf Protection Coming to AZ

U.S. Fish and Wildlife hadpreviously left out this state despite being home to many Mexican gray wolves; Sen. Flake urged for forum to happen.

AZ Game and Fish to Release 30 Bighorn Sheep at Catalina State Park

It's part of the agency's effort to re-establish a viable herd in the Santa Catalina Mountains as they disappeared from area in late '90s.

Just one of the seven hundred plus birds at the Oasis Parrot Sanctuary.

Parrot Sanctuary Provides Home for Abused, Neglected Birds

The Oasis Sanctuary in Cochise County is home to more than 700 birds species, such as parrots.

An owl from the Raptor Free Flight exhibit sits on a perch during it's flight training.

Trainers, Volunteers Prepare for Raptor Free Flight Presentation

It was closed for the summer, but birds fly for audiences again at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

These endangered jaguars are part of a breeding population located near southern arizona .

Jaguar Project in Sonora Working Hard to Protect These Felines

They're kept in rugged, isolated territory, where they're being protected from hunting or other human activity.

CA Lead Bullets Ban Gives AZ Environmentalists Hope

Law prohibits use of lead ammunition, aims to protect scavenging animals; AZ has big concern for endangered California condor since lead poisoning is primary cause of death.

AZ Game and Fish Investigates 10 Javelina Found Dead

Agency looking into a possible poaching case of the animal near the Saguaro National Park; remains were just the heads and pelts.

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