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We Interview Donna Liggins - Board Member, CAAHW, and Linda Parker, RN - Project Assistant, Carondelet Health Network.

People of Color Festival

Providing health resources to the underserved

David Labiner - MD, Dept.Head Neurology AZ health Sciences Center

Epilepsy Spikes In Elderly; UA Studies Effects

Prevalence, risk of seizure shifts from children to seniors

Researchers Probe Dramatic Drop In Vaccinations

Arizona parents choosing not to vaccinate their children has doubled in a single decade

Vaccination Controversy Spurs Decline

UA researcher to help determine why immunization rates are falling dramatically

Honey Pivirotto - Asst. County Administrator for Health Policy

New Mental Health Facilities To Offer Innovative Treatment

Two new crisis intervention and treatment facilities open in Pima County


FDA OKs Scorpion Antivenom Developed With UA Help

Anascorp gets the nod from federal regulators; originated in Mexico

Health Program Offers Lower Insurance Rates

Program targets those who pay more because of pre-existing medical conditions

Pam White interviews Warren Breidenbach, MD UA dept. of Surgery.

UMC Welcomes Hand Transplant Pioneer

Surgeon who performed first hand transplant joins University of Arizona Department of Surgery

Study: Distraction Leads to Child Deaths in Hot Cars

Distracted parents, change of schedules cited as primary reason for parents forgetting their youngsters in back seats

Dr. Carlos Galvani talks about robotic surgery,minimally invasive surgery and other pioneering techniques in the operating room.

Patients Reap Rewards of Innovative Surgery

Advances in surgery offer patients less invasive options

Demion Clinco Brings us a history Moment of TMC.

History Moment: Tucson Medical Center

The hospital began its history as a tuberculosis sanatorium in 1929

Pam White Speaks with M. Cristina Smith MD, University Of Arizona Department of Surgery.

Portable Machine Powers Hearts

"Freedom" driver frees patients from hospitals while they wait for a donor heart

Governor Jan Brewer's new budget relies on cuts to Medicaid, and that may hurt rural health care providers in Southeast Arizona.

Officials Investigating Cross-Border Outbreak

An outbreak of Guillain-Barre Syndrome sickens 22 people on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border

Danger in the Wind

Dust storms, like the haboob that recently struck Maricopa County, may drive an increase in this summer's number of Valley Fever cases

Marijuana’s Effects on the Brain

Part 5 of AZPM's Controversy over Cannabis series seeks expert opinions on marijuana's long-term effects on those who smoke it.

Who Oversees a Secret Garden?

Part 3 of AZPM's Controversy over Cannabis series visits a grow house to ask the question: How do you regulate home-grown medical marijuana?

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