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Volunteer with National Geographic and the National Park Service, together with Saguaro National Park and the Sonora Desert Museum for the Saguaro National Park project, BioBlitz. The project will be October 21st-22nd.

Desert Researchers Reach Across Border

Gathering unites Sonoran Desert researchers from U.S., Mexico to build scientific, cultural collaboration

Compromise Offered on Electronic Billboards

Vetoed by governor, bill finds new life by limiting signs to Phoenix area

UA Professor Leading Research for Autism Drug

Dr. Linda Restifo is testing fruit fly brain cells to find a drug to treat the core problems of autism.

The 32" Schulman Telescope on Mt. Lemmon manages nightly viewing programs less than 20 miles from Tucson.

Astronomers Cheer Veto Of Billboard Bill

Now all sides talking about future compromise to balance darkness and advertising

University of Arizona philosophy department head Christopher Maloney

Are We Conscious of Consciousness?

Philosophy professor can't explain it, so attend conference

Pachyderms Pack Into Reid Park Zoo

New $9.7 million dollar elephant exhibit opens Wednesday

Celestial Show Just After Twilight Tonight

Jupiter, Venus, moon line up in western sky this evening

Billboard Bill Advances In Legislature

Measure allows electronic billboards, which area astronomers worry will diminish observations

Record-Breaking Paper Plane Soars for Six Seconds

After initial setback, world's biggest paper airplane flies

Mesquites Displacing Southwestern Grasslands

UA ecologists say climate change affecting Sonoran Desert landscape

Earthquake Shakes Mexico; Tucsonan There

7.6 magnitude in central Mexican state of Guerrero; hear report from Mexico City

After A Cold, Wet Storm, A Quick Rebound

Forecaster says temps will climb back to near 80 by late week

Early Exposure to Adiposity/Obesity and the Role in Cancer Risk

2012 Research Frontiers in Nutritional Science Conference, "The Obesogenic Environment: Behavior, Biology, and Policy"

Carl Hayden Bee Research Center Leader and Location Coordinator Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, Ph.D. talks to us about their center and how it is involved in various programs dealing with bees such as their colonies' health, nutrition and control of Varroa mites.

Bees Drinking Beer? It's All for Science

Researchers in Tucson are working to help save bees from a destructive mite

What's the Buzz? Backyard Beekeeping

Tucsonans see their honeymakers getting active with spring's arrival

Wild burros awaiting adoption.

Wild Burro Adoption Set For Next Month

Wildlife officials to gather animals, prepare them for private adoption

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