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Regents to Hold National Search for Shelton's Replacement

As UA President Robert Shelton sets out to repair Fiesta Bowl's reputation, the campus community looks at what's next

Shelton: Fiesta Bowl Must Move Forward

UA President Robert Shelton talks about what's next for him and the Fiesta Bowl

The UA's College of Education is getting a $1.55 M to help it redesign its Early Childhood Education Program. The money from the Helios Education Foundation which is helping communities in Arizona and Florida. The 4-year grant is allowing a partnership: CREATE, Communities as Resources in Early Childhood Teacher Education.

Early Education Gets a Boost

Foundation funds new partnership, program redesign for University of Arizona's College of Education

Studio: Shelton

Shelton Stepping Down

UA President Robert Shelton resigns to head the Fiesta Bowl

Astronauts and Tucson Youth

A live chat between local middle schoolers and the astronauts aboard the International Space Station

Segment about a study a trauma surgeon is conducting to help patients in a hospital's intensive care have a better night's sleep.

Seeking Sleep in the ICU

ICU patients are sleep-deprived, studies say -- can a Tucson surgeon help them rest easier?

May is Melanoma Month

UA team joins international colleagues to explore skin cancer prevention

The Unsavory Side of Urban Renewal

Author and scholar depicts the destruction of "La Calle," once the heart of the city

Savannah Guthrie Speaks

NBC correspondent gives UA undergraduate commencement address, May 2011

Liftoff For a LAARK

University of Arizona team of engineering students wins design prize for unmanned aerial vehicle and LAARK, its avionics system

Savannah Guthrie

Savannah Guthrie

The U of A welcomes home a prominent alumna to give the 2011 commencement speech. Hear how Savannah's successful career started, and about the big change in her future.

Drawing made by woman being held at Eloy Detention Center.

Dealing with Disappearing Parents

New report brings attention to problems families face when immigration detention or deportation separate children from their parents

Feature on how new technologies make it possible to better understand some of the complexities of the brain.

Learning Brain 101 -- From Moths

Neuroscientist studies moths' sense of smell to decipher how the brain works

Episode 17: Jobs Picture Improves for College Grads

Arizona universities report increased recruitment activities by employers big and small

Teachers' Voices: Teacher Appreciation Day 2011

Listen to Arizona educators - and students - talk about what they appreciate the most about the educational experience.

The University of Arizona and BICAS, Bicycle Inter-Community Arts and Salvage, are working on a project to try to recycle bicycles abandoned by students who leave for the summer.

How to Recycle a Bicycle

Bicycle organization and University of Arizona team up to collect and reuse unwanted bicycles

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