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Border Journalism Network

The University of Arizona and other schools band together to teach young border reporters how to stay safe.

Kimberly Craft interviews John Pedicone

Amid Turmoil, TUSD Examines Past and Future

Tucson Unified School District superintendent tackles the thorny issues this school year has raised

School Districts Reach a Decision

SUSD and TUSD decide to allow seniors who haven't passed AIMS to walk in graduation ceremonies

Tony Paniagua visits two scientists from the Sonoran Institute who are studying part of the Santa Cruz River south of Tucson that gets its water from a treatment facility north of Nogales.

Reclaiming An Oasis in the Desert

With the help of a water treatment plant, a stretch of the Santa Cruz River south of Tucson is returning to life

Pima County Library system

Summer Sizzles at the Library

The Pima County Public Library system offers wizarding, books and other smart ways to beat the heat

Arizona Capitol Building where a budget stalemate continues deep into the fiscal year.

Episode 19: The Next Generation of Arizona Leaders

Civic leadership academy completes its inaugural class of training for would-be state leaders

Alex Garcia, Young Composer

Hear how this 16-year-old's music about the January 8th tragedy received its debut performance from The Tucson Symphony.

International Students Find a Voice

Catalina High School showcases the arts that lead to literacy

Ethnic Studies Controversy Continues

Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal now to review a report detailing the findings of the ethnic studies program audit

Liftoff For a LAARK

University of Arizona team of engineering students wins design prize for unmanned aerial vehicle and LAARK, its avionics system

Savannah Guthrie

Savannah Guthrie

The U of A welcomes home a prominent alumna to give the 2011 commencement speech. Hear how Savannah's successful career started, and about the big change in her future.

Kimberly Craft interviews Ben Korn, President of Tucson Young Professionals.

Turning the Talent Tide

Tucson Young Professionals strive to stem the outflow of talented young Arizonans

Kimberly Craft interviews Clarence Boykins, a community leader, about his memories of the civil rights movement and the lessons he learned from it.

Growing Up Activist

Community activist Clarence Boykins relates how the civil rights movement shaped his vocation and his life

Through its 29 years of existence, the Tucson International Mariachi Conference has become nationally and internationally recognized as the leading proponent of the mariachi tradition anywhere in the world. Luis CarriĆ³n has the story on how this local event is helping to cultivate the next generation of accomplished musicians.

Mariachi Conference Cultivates Next Generation of Musicians

Tucson's annual event continues to gain fans, young and... not so young

Kimberly Craft interviews fourth grader Ian McLeod, SARSEF Science Fair Winner.

Students Answer President's Challenge: Ian McLeod

AZPM profiles students responding to President Obama's call for innovation that can "win the future"

Teachers' Voices: Teacher Appreciation Day 2011

Listen to Arizona educators - and students - talk about what they appreciate the most about the educational experience.

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